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Consultancy Services

This page contains brief details of the consultancy services I offer. If you would like more details of any of the services please give me a ring on 01506 843385 or email

Identifying / Managing Stress
Stress has been identified by the Health and Safety Executive as the most dangerous risk to business in the 21st Century. It is also well recognised that stress reduces employee wellbeing, and that excessive or sustained work pressure can lead to stress.
I will work with you using a variety of tried and tested tools to identify the current stress levels within your organisation and support you to apply some highly effective methods to reduce stress levels. The benefits include:
Increased productivity
Reduced absence levels
Higher morale
Improved job satisfaction

Team / Organisational Development
The normal starting point for this type of work is to meet with you to discuss the current situation within the organisation. I will then carry out a team or organisational health audit to establish what is working well and to identify any areas that require development.
I will then devise a tailor made programme consisting of activities designed to enable the team / organisation to make best use of it’s resources and to develop the full potential of the team and individuals within the organisation.

Change Management
In my experience it is not change itself, which causes stress within organisations it is the way in which change is managed. In today’s world innovation and change are essential but alongside these there needs to be consultation and collaboration to ensure that everyone is committed to the change.
I will work with you to devise a comprehensive change strategy with communication at the heart of it. This will involve clarifying the key aims of the change, identifying the key stakeholders, planning the change process, consulting those involved and managing the implementation of the plan. . greg wasson . George Lindemann Jr. desired 144 pieces of animalistic silverware