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Personal Development

Personal Effectiveness
A tailored programme designed to enable participants to identify their personal Effectiveness goals and make the most of their existing skills whilst developing new techniques to achieve their goals.

Learn how to:
Identify your personal development goals
Maximise your existing skills
Develop new techniques for self improvement
Develop and put into action a plan for achieving your goals

Confidence Building
A one – day tailored programme to enable individuals to acknowledge their existing skills and build confidence and self esteem through a very supportive process of discovery and exploration

Learn how to:
Identify and Acknowledge your existing skills
Discover your hidden talents
Understand, challenge and overcome the things that are holding you back
Build your confidence and self esteem in a way that suits you
Be more assertive without being aggressive

Managing Stress
A one – day programme designed to enable participants to identify the causes of stress and develop proven techniques to manage the causes.

Learn how to:
Understand what causes stress and how it affects us
Identify what is causing you stress
Improve your ability to deal with the effects
Develop skills and techniques to manage the causes

Consultancy Skills
A tailored programme aimed at people who are required to provide a consultancy service as part of their management or support role.

Learn how to:
Identify the phases of consultancy projects
Build a unique client/consultant relationship
Build productive networks
Manage client expectations
Work with groups
Negotiate effectively
Manage consultancy projects

Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid (SMHFA)
This programme is sponsored by NHS Health Scotland and is aimed at anyone who would like to provide support to people with mental health problems.
SMHFA is a 12 hour programme which can be delivered over two days or four half days.

Learn how to:
Understand the causes and effects of common mental health problems
Listen non judgementally and support someone in distress
Give reassurance and information in a caring way
Support someone to get appropriate professional help
Support a person experiencing difficulties to help themselves
Deal with someone who is thinking about suicide

Training Techniques
A tailored programme aimed at giving participants the skills and knowledge to design and deliver high quality training within their organisation.

Learn how to:
Use various methods available to identify training needs
Identify your strengths and areas for development as a trainer
Construct learning objectives for the type of training activity you will be carrying out.
Plan and design effective training sessions
Deliver highly effective training sessions in an interesting and engaging way