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Management Skills

Management Skills

Creating and Maintaining a Mentally Healthy Workplace
A one or two day programme designed to enable managers to create and maintain a mentally healthy workplace that encourages growth and development.

Learn how to:
Create and maintain a mentally healthy workplace
Tell the difference between mental health and mental illness
Develop positive attitudes and beliefs toward mental wellbeing
Understand common mental health problems so that you can support an employee who is having difficulty
Support recovery from mental health problems
Identify and manage stress effectively
Manage the implications of the Equality Act

Team Leadership
A two- day programme which covers the key aspects of leadership and how it can be applied to the creation and development of high performance teams.

Learn how to:
Understand how teams develop and apply the learning to maximise your own teams development
Understand, and make the most of your unique leadership style
Motivate your team to achieve their full potential
Delegate tasks and projects effectively
Manage the performance of the team and individuals effectively

Managing People
A one day programme designed to ensure that managers / supervisors are able to build and maintain productive relationships with their staff and colleagues.

Learn How To:
Understand individual differences
Communicate effectively
Give and receive feedback for maximum impact
Build a high performance team
Deal with difficult people / issues in a constructive way

Managing Change
A one day course designed to help managers to plan and manage change constructively.

Learn how to:
Understand the nature of change
Understand the impact of attitudes and beliefs on how people respond to change
Understand the change process and how it can be used productively
Develop strategies for communicating and managing change

Action Learning Groups
This is a unique approach to management development which involves working in small groups (either in-house or with managers from other organisations) to discuss and resolve management issues.
The group normally meets on a regular basis (either bi-monthly or quarterly) and is facilitated by myself. I see my role as making best use of the resources in the group and to help members to challenge each other (and themselves) in a constructive and helpful way.